The Birth of a Studio – Part 2

Construction began in June and continued through the end of August. I’d go to work in the morning, come home and was amazed most nights at how much the Best Way Custom Homes crew got accomplished.

On my days off, I was busy looking for the next puzzle piece that would turn this building into the pictures – many times fuzzy pictures – that were in my head…

Flooring…what to pick?? I wanted a wood look but didn’t want to use hardwood or laminates – I didn’t think they would hold up to the water spills that I’m certain will happen in the future. Jim & I went to Colonial Floors here in Gloucester County where we received wonderful assistance in selecting a wood look Luxury vinyl plank tile in a fabulous warm tone that many have thought was actual hardwood. Exactly what I wanted. A vinyl for the bathroom – pretty shades of grays & browns. What to do for the workshop and dye room?? I didn’t want anything that would get stained when dying reed – I opted to simply have those 2 areas painted and have ‘sprinkles’ scattered on the wet paint. We’re very happy with the look.

I wanted lots of cabinets all around the 1st floor…entered the Elmer Back Gifting Center in Newport News. With my affiliation with the @Yorktown Arts Foundation and my hopes of teaching classes for home school children, Scout groups, etc., I was allowed to purchase many of things needed to complete my studio – doors, cabinets, bathroom vanity, etc – at greatly reduced rates. Eddie with Best Way Custom Homes was creating counter tops for the dye room and classroom from old hardwood flooring…they were going to be fabulous!

Found a stainless steel sink and cooktop for the dye room. What was I going to do to protect the wall behind them?? My husband tosses out the comment, “It would be cool if you could find a basket weave tile.” That started a very long process of Internet searches and trips to various local tile shops…again the fuzzy pictures were developing in my head. Most basket weave tiles seemed to be too 3D – could see the dust and dye splashes and the impossible task of keeping it clean. We kept looking… One Tuesday while Jim & I were running errands on the Peninsula (and stopping at every tile shop in the area), we went into Bath & Backsplash on Rt 17 to look. Gail and her daughter-in-law were extremely helpful and interested in my project and Jim found something that might do, but it really wasn’t what I wanted. Once we got home that night and I was once again searching the Internet and calling shops in Richmond to see what they might have, it hit me! I already had the perfect tiles for this backsplash! A couple of years ago, while attending the Missouri Convention, Tony Stubblefield was selling some basket tiles he had manufactured depicting baskets he had woven…at a very affordable price! I bought a dozen of these tiles from him AND I knew exactly where they were!! (In my house this is a minor miracle!). Found the tiles (3 each of 4 different tiles), found the graph paper and started figuring out placement as the pictures in my head became clearer & clearer. As soon as work time would allow, I went back to the very pleasant and helpful women of Bath & Backsplash, walked in with my sketch and one set of tiles and she said, “I’ve got the perfect tile for your background! And she did!!

Again,Bill from @Best Way Custom Homes did a fabulous job installing my backsplash and making my picture a reality!

Basket tiles by Tony Stubblefield, accent tiles (glass finger tiles in browns & golds) selected by my husband and the creamy marble tiles recommended by Bath & Backsplash.

Well, construction on the studio was completed late August/early September. There were still a couple of things that Jim & I wanted to do and then the task of moving all my stuff in…

But it’s late, so you’ll have to wait for Part 3 to read the end (or the new beginning) of my story! But here are a couple more pictures for you to enjoy!

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