The Birth of a Studio – Part 3

I never intended for it to take me so long to finish the story of my studio…but life so frequently gets in the way of plans.

The building was finished in September. My husband Jim and his friend Bob put down the peel & stick floor tile upstairs…not a small job. Then Sam’s Club had fabulous metal shelves on clearance sale (under $30 including tax and shipping!)…I ordered 7 of them to go all the way one 23′ wall. Finally got my grandson Matt to carry the heavy boxes of shelving up to the second floor. Eventually Jim got them put together.

More shelves were bought for the other, shorter wall and put together and installed. Peg board went up on the short wall…
Thanksgiving Day, since I had everyone here (meaning I had a wonderful work force at my disposal!), we (they) started moving things out of the house and the shed and up the stairs to the second floor. Lynn Ryan was in charge of getting the pounds of reed on the shelves. I kept trying to get things moved from boxes and IKEA bags onto the Sam’s Club shelves and into some organized fashion. Jim was kept busy cooking dinner. It was a couple of hours of intense work. I couldn’t have done this without all their help.
I was schedule for my final day of work on November 30 and planned on having most of December to get the studio straightened out. Unfortunately, life significantly got in the way with my son-in-law being admitted to the hospital; my grandson being involved in a terrible car accident and then (finally some happy news!) our trip to Florida’s panhandle for the birth of our first Granddaughter – Ruby Renee!

I had a small class scheduled for the day of my Grandson’s accident. I had to re-schedule that…

Eventually I got the reed finished, Jim & I tackled getting handles on the peg board, I emptied more bags and boxes, sorted good pine needles from needle mulch…and loved every moment of communing with my basket stuff in the studio!

Of course I really don’t have everything out of the house yet…

At Guilders Weave, I won the pattern book which included Eileen Eagan LaPorte’s Fish pattern. Friend Maggie Allen-Pruett suggested we get together in the studio and weave together. We bought patterns from Eileen, set a date and 4 of us made fish. Pictures follow.

I still have lots of organizing to do, but eventually it will get done (will it EVER really be finished??). Currently it’s tax season (another example of life getting in the way – so time in the studio is limited. But I get in there whenever I can.

My Grand Unveiling will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 1 – 6 pm. You’re invited! 6219 Russell Lane, Gloucester, VA 23061.

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Grand Unveiling 2
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Studio - first winter
Studio – first winter