The Birth of a Studio

It’s conception was Memorial Day weekend 2015 when my husband surprised me by saying “I think it’s time you had a building.” When I asked exactly what he was talking about, he said a building for all my basket weaving stuff… When pressured a little more, he added “A 20 x 20, 2 story building with a barn style roof.” I was speechless! Well, for a few seconds anyway.
Then the negotiations began…I’m not crazy at the thought of a square building, can we go 20 x 24? OK. I’ll need electricity in it. Of course. And hot & cold running water. No, you can carry water from the house….No – I can’t. He finally agreed.

I’ll need a bathroom. No you don’t. You can come back to the house. No, if this building can’t be everything I would want in a studio, then don’t bother. I want this building to have a classroom, and students will need a bathroom. I want a room to be able to dye reed in (otherwise known as a galley kitchen), a workshop where some of my tools can stay out all the time, and lots of storage space upstairs. We finally came to an agreement.
We walked around our property (well, we have 37 acres – 10 of which is open – so we walked around that portion and discussed potential building sites. We selected an area between the garage and the horse pasture.

We sketched some ideas for floor plans (we had very similar ideas here) and then, because I was having some difficulty visualizing the dimensions we were discussing, he took stakes and rope and created the plan in the ground.

I called our builder – Eddie Romero of Best Way Custom Homes (Gloucester, VA) and left him a message. By the following Friday, Eddie was in our home discussing our ideas, sketching designs and explaining the permit process, etc.

A week later, we received our quote from Eddie and signed the contract! This was really going to happen…a dream come true!!
First task was to have a huge tree removed…Anthony Wheeless of Tidewater Treecrafters came up from Chesapeake VA to handle the job.
Then the construction began…no turning back now!

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Studio location - the tree that had to go
Studio location - work on the tree continues
Studio location - going down!